The KIAI Board of Directors is made up of current and former karate students, instructors, and parents who understand the full benefits of quality karate instruction, in part because their own lives or the life of one of their family member's have been improved as a result of it.


These are dedicated individuals who care about giving all children the gift of self-confidence and inner strength needed to be resilient and thrive in today's society. As such they are committed to finding new and creative ways to fulfill and fund KIAI's mission of "ensuring that no one is denied the opportunity to benefit from quality karate instruction due to the inability to pay." Feel free to reach out if you have some ideas to help us do that.

KIAI Officers

Marty Pena, President

Catherine Conroy, Vice President

Julie Conte, Treasurer

Lynne Harper, Secretary  

KIAI Board of Directors

Corry Ahrens

Chris Gray

Jean Munro

Andy Pearce

Albert Perez

Ann Twomey

Jamie Olsen

Vincent Santos

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Think you might have what it takes to contribute to KIAI at a leadership level?

Contact us if you would like to be considered for a Board position.