Scholarship Program Information

The Karate Instruction Assistance Initiative - KIAI provides financial assistance to qualifying students that are at risk of not being able to continue their karate instruction due to the inability to pay. Everyone needs help from time to time. Whether your financial circumstances change due to a job loss, unforeseen health conditions or any number of challenges that may arise, KIAI is here to ensure that no one is denied to benefit from quality karate instruction due to the inability to pay.


KIAI awards scholarships on the basis of financial need, the student’s dedication to the practice of karate, and the recommendations of instructors. After completing the required application and review process, if the student meets all the necessary criteria* they are awarded financial aid specifically to help pay for continued karate instruction for.


Students must be practicing at a KIAI certified and approved karate school. (See school certification requirements for more information.)


Once selected, recipients are required to meet or exceed expectations for class participation, maintain academic excellence at school, and volunteer in the community in order to maintain their funding. Funding is provided on a quarterly basis and must be renewed annually if needed.


If you would like to be considered for a karate instruction scholarship, review the documents found by clicking on the links to the right and ask your karate instructor if your school is a KIAI Certified Dojo.


Feel free to contact us with any questions or to start the application process. Good luck and



*Note: The number of recipients and amount of financial assistance that is awarded is dependent on the funds available and can vary from year to year. Meeting all application criteria does not guarantee the award of scholarship assistance.

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