The Benefits of Karate - Why do we want kids to learn karate?

The benefits of learning karate are many providing opportunities for increased physical fitness, improved focus and self-esteem, and building important character traits like respect and compassion. Often, the kids who need these opportunities the most are financially unable to afford karate tuition.

Increased Self Confidence.

While all physical activities can promote health and stress reduction, martial arts training places special emphasis on building character.  Self-discipline and respect are of utmost importance and students are held accountable to these values. Karate students benefit greatly from reaching goals, seeing results from hard work, and learning valuable leadership skills. 

Improved Physical and Mental Fitness, and overall health.

The physical benefits of Martial Arts training are many. In addition to sparring and self-defense, students practice forms and drills that develop flexibility, strength, coordination, and endurance.  The physical and mental benefits of learning karate often ideal for kids that have not found success in other team sports.  Individual goals are met at the student's own pace. Karate has often been recommended for kids with ADD and hyperactivity for the resulting gains in focus and self-control. And better focus and control is something that benefits all students.


This is the first thing that probably comes to mind when one thinks of martial arts training. Students learn and practice self-defense and fighting techniques in a well supervised and educational setting. But our KIAI-certified dojo's know that it's mostly about teaching kids how to AVOID a fight. Anti-bullying techniques teach them non-violent ways to handle conflict.  And because karate improves confidence and self-esteem, children can build better peer relationships overall.